Information for Home Sellers


Make sure the drive into your property is as flattering as possible. Remove any debris that may have accumulated, including old dock sections, old boats and unsightly brush piles.

Do the buildings need paint or stain?

If you haven?t been to the property in a while, bugs and spiders may have taken over. Take care of any insect problems, like carpenter ants and stay ahead of the cobwebs.

If you have a beach area, make sure toys are stored away and that weeds are raked away. Present your swimming area well. It is a big point for Buyers.

Keep your lawn trimmed. Sometimes it?s easily forgotten when you?re not around to see it grow.

If you?ve put off building a staircase to the lake, do it now. Elevation is more easily overcome with a pleasant access to the lake.


Minimize and organize. Make your space appear large and headache free!

Have seasonal photos available on the kitchen table.

Caught any fish? Those photos are excellent testimonial.

If you tend to have visits from mice, start a campaign to eliminate them and check your traps often.


If you are around when an agent shows up with buyers, you should quietly excuse yourself and leave. Take a walk or a ride in your boat. Buyers are very self conscious about visualizing their family at your cabin while you are there.


Let your agent know if you have plans to be away for a vacation or business trip. Let them know how to find you. While you are away, they may have an interested buyer who has questions or better yet, an offer to purchase your property. At times like those, getting answers quickly is important!

Relax… let me do the work!